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TVS 002 – Investment Banking Overview

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TVS 002 – Investment Banking Overview

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Vampire Squid! In this episode, it will be jam packed with my experiences in Investment Banking in addition to questions that I always get asked. O ...

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Vampire Squid! In this episode, it will be jam packed with my experiences in Investment Banking in addition to questions that I always get asked.

  1. Overview of Investment Banking
    • Retail vs. Investment Banks
    • Bulge Bracket vs. Boutique Banks
    • Analyst to partner with details on each title’s role
    • Dress Code
    • Time spent working
  2. My Experience
    • My Best Hours
    • My Worst Hours 🙁
    • What do I do on a day to day basis
    • What are investment banking perks?
    • What are the things that you liked
    • What are the things that you didn’t like
  3. What do people do after Investment Banking?
    • Recruiting timeline
    • Headhunters explained
  4. Overall sentiment towards investment banking

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Email me directly at or on the contact form.


Comments ( 19 )

  1. Omar
    Hello Alan, First of all, thank you for doing this podcast. I really enjoy it because it gives me a good insight for what I want to do in the foreseeable future. I am currently attending a non-target university and after I graduate I would like to go into investment banking. So my question is, do you have any advice for me on how to get into investment banking, even though I do not attend a top university? I don't really care if it is a boutique IB, as long as I get the experience. Thank you.
    • Alan
      hey omar, feel free to send me some more details on your situation at, happy to try to help!
  2. Aditya Chauhan
    Great initiative! Respect from India.
    • Alan
      much love aditya, thank you! Hope you stay tuned :)
  3. AKIB
    Hi Alan, thank you for sharing your experience in one of the top investment bank. I really got the insight about what exactly an investment do and how do they carry there work along with time.
    • Alan
      Hey, really appreciate the note Akib, hope you continue to listen! new episode coming soon :)
  4. Claudio Martinez
    Hey Alan, just started your show, really enjoying it as someone who is curious about the financial world but not yet sure if they want to fully jump into it. I was wondering how your experience working at an investment compares to the culture portrayed in popular literature and media such as " Liar's Poker" or " Straight to Hell" if you've read either? Thanks and keep killing it with your podcasts!
    • Tarek
      Hey Alan, How often does the worst case scenario (as described- not sleeping for 4 days) happens ? Once every 4/6 weeks ?
      • Alan
        Hey Tarek, the worst case scenario would happen once every 2-3 months. I was by no means the hardest working either, there were many of my colleagues who had it much worse!
    • Alan
      Thanks Claudio! Also, I have not read Straight to Hell but have read Liar's Poker. I would say from my experience on the west coast, it is much more tame than the books would depict, which could be due to different time periods and different regions. All in all, regulation is more strict and companies are more public so difficult to find the anecdotal stories in Liar's Poker in today's current environment!
  5. Darragh gillen
    Hi Alan,l know this sounds blunt but how much do you get paid for working in an investment bank?
    • Alan
      no worries, that's a completely valid question, check out my quora answers for further details!
  6. Margarida
    The MSc in Finance programs should request every student to listen to your podcast during the summer before the classes start! My classes will start in September and I am so glad I found this. Thank you! Greetings from Portugal.
    • Alan
      Thanks so much for the kind words!!
  7. Vinit Ponkshe
    Hi Alan, I first came across your podcast when I read a business insider article and I must say that it is nothing short of brilliant. I have a question I would like to ask. In the beginning of the episode when you listed out some of the activities of investment banks, you mentioned and explained key terms like M&A, IPO,LBO, and debt financing. Could you explain what a leveraged buy out is (LBO) and how it is different from M&A ? Apart from this I have two possible suggestions: 1. A list of key terms and definitions ie. financial jargon could be compiled for each podcast. I would be more than welcome to volunteer for something like this 2. I think that an effective way to spread the word would be to post a link to this podcast on reddit, specifically the investing or finance subreddit. Alternatively, you could hold an AMA as well. Thanks for dedicating your time, it is a wonderful resources for undergrads like me who are studying finance and want an insight into the outside world. Much love and respect from Hong Kong. P.S I have listened to your podcast multiple times
    • Alan
      Hey Vinit, thanks so much for the kind words and I hope that you have been listening to the latest episodes, I've covered M&A, IPO, and LBO so far! Also great suggestions on holding an AMA, I don't use Reddit that often but will take a look into it. Hope that you continue to listen :)!
  8. Mom of Matt
    I appreciate your introduction and overview of the multiple dimensions of investment banking. Now I have better ideas about what my son is doing and what his daily life is like. Thank you! - a mom
    • Alan
      Thank you so much! I hope that you continue to listen :)
  9. Rick
    Hey Alan, just discovered your podcast/blog site. Really enjoyed listening to this first podcast and definitely look forward to listening to each one as I make my way thru the list! Thanks for taking the time to produce this as it is very educational for folks outside the IB industry but who are curious as to what goes on in that somewhat misunderstood world.

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